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The Chess Pieces (The Chessmen):

The Knight Knight

KnightThe Knight is the only piece on the chessboard that can jump over other pieces.

He may jump over friend or foe (i.e either coloured pieces). These are the hardest pieces to master as they can turn up unexpectedly in areas of the board and have even surprised World Champions in the past.

What is a Knight worth? It is accepted that a Knight is worth three pawns.

What is the abbreviation for a Knight? N or Kt

The Knight turns a corner when he moves. He moves in the shape of a capital L, although the L may be sideways or upside down.On the chessboard the moves are like this:

The Knight may move from one end of the shape to the other. In other words the Knight moves one square along and two sideways OR two squares along and then one sideways.
This Knight near the centre of the board attacks or may move to eight squares indicated by the white stars.

The White Knight at the side of the Board can move to only four squares as shown by the white stars.

The Black Knight in the corner of the Board can move to only two squares as shown by the Black stars.

If the Knight moves from a white square he lands on a black square. If the knight moves from a Black square then he lands on a white square. There are two White Knights and two Black Knights. If you look back to the pieces set up at the beginning of the game you will see that, of White’s 2 Knights, one starts on a white square and one starts on a Black Square. The same can be said of the Black Knights.